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Panko Bread Crumbs
Dried Pomegranate Seeds
Oak Wood Chips
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Winter brings a wonderful concept to the fore: comfort food! Whether your establishment is haute or home cuisine, there are excellent candidates in our product list for creating those special heart and hearth warming recipes that become our antidotes to the frosty outside.

Consider the lowly stew: with the addition of fresh herbs, mushrooms and good wine it becomes a blanquette (or Nona’s favorite winter supper.) Or, think roasts that are decidedly elevated by juniper berries. And don’t forget comfort = compote – think of a spicy aromatic concoction of dried fruits drizzled alluringly over bread pudding.

Have we set the scene? We take pride in our comprehensive list of products that will enhance your comfort food for all seasons.

Consider our dried offerings: at least six different lentil types; over 35 kinds of beans; and mushrooms,at least twelve dried types plus all the fresh!
Create your own mix or use one of ours!

Specials for January to enhance your “comfort” creations

Panko bread crumbs -- bake with this crunchy topping: savory, in perhaps, a mushroom bake or sweet as the perfect crown of a fruit cobbler.

Dried Pomegranate Seeds

Oak Wood Chips

Here’s to a prosperous New Year to all -- with comfort food,
comfort friends and comfort family from Fresh Mushroom Farm!